The Framer

I've been at this for a while now...

Over 10 years actually. I started at a big box frameshop in highschool and put myself through the University of Georgia with the same company. Leaving with a degree in Graphic Design, I just couldn't pull away from the shop- who wouldn't want to be surrounded by fine art and powertools all day?

After stints at some of the oldest frame galleries in Atlanta learning the art of finishing frames, I launched Blackrabbet in 2011 to design, sell, and make my own collection.

I work in a studio at the Metropolitan Complex near Turner Field in Atlanta. I am married to a lovely math teacher and we have 2 smelly mutts - Typo and Calabi. My favorite food is bourbon and my favorite song is Picture in A Frame by Tom Waits.

The Studio

'Custom Framing'

The phrase 'custom framing' has a lot of leeway in its use and interpretation. For the most part, it just means that a fame shop has numerous samples of mats, glass, and mouldings that are produced by major manufacturers. When one places a custom order, these materials are purchased, cut to the proper size, and assembled- that is an acceptable interpretation of custom framing.

Each frame that I make starts from raw wood and is entirely milled, finished, and assembled in my studio in Atlanta.