Being a solo act, I have flexibility that most shops can't match. It's helpful to keep a few things in mind...

•If you see something you like- a pattern, a color, another frame- share it with me and let's see how we can incorporate it into your project

• Wood is awesome. I have access to a myriad of new and old lumber, but I have made frames from childhood homes, grandpa's barn, old furniture, barroom floors, and antique shipping palettes. Never hesitate to ask about turning your old wood into a new frame.

Each project is a conversation

Whether you know exactly what you're looking for- or have no idea where to start, every frame I make is meant for a specific person and a particular piece of art. I'm happy to bring samples to a home or business, meet for drinks or coffee, or build a project together entirely online.

Email is the best way to reach me.

You can get me personally at

And I'm always fine with a call or text.


Be Sociable.

If you see something you love on Facebook, Instagram, Etsy, or Twitter- message me through them and I'll get back to you that way as well.

In Person.

I work in a shared studio space in the Metropolitan Studios Complex just West of Turner Field. Studio visits are by appointment only- just ask!